Debbie Rose Libeskind, M.A.Ed

Rose Home Tutoring

Private Tutor, Eugene, Oregon

Office: 541-302-1613

Mobile: 541-221-2130


Several Spring 2019 Openings for
Upper Elementary, Middle and High School Students!

Sessions take place Monday through Thursday

Some Sundays on request


  • Short term (1-2 sessions) project or paper assistance
  • Long term assistance in selected subject areas
  • Time management / organizational skills coaching
  • Writing support
  • Editing (style, content, grammar, and proofreading of papers, theses, articles, textbooks, internet publications)
  • Curriculum area enrichment

Subject Areas

  • All upper elementary and middle school subject areas
  • Most high school and college subject areas with the exception of higher math/science

Location, Schedule, and Rates

Rates start at $45 per 50 minute session; shorter or longer sessions are available by special arrangement.

Sessions take place in my home office in Southeast Eugene, between 9:00 and 5:00 Monday through Thursday, and some Sundays by request; no sessions Fridays, Saturdays, or Jewish holidays.

Academic Confidence Building Approach

Individual, personal attention to each student’s academic needs and learning style.

Educational Philosophy

It is my firm belief that every child comes into this world with a zest for learning. As a teacher, my role is to nurture that zest as well as to support students in reclaiming it if they reach a period of diminished interest. Students with the ability to approach learning with enthusiasm achieve academic success not only in areas of high interest, they can also find that engaging with subject areas of less appeal more interesting.

I have seen incalculable benefits result when families reach out for educational support as they negotiate passage through our educational system. In my one-on-one work with students, I have experienced consistent success boosting their academic confidence and performance.